Backsword and Sidesword Classes at Tree-Girt-Sea

Gallowglass Academy and the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea announce classes on backsword and sidesword to be held Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, 2003 in Chicago, IL. Gallowglass Academy, Inc.and the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea would like to announce that classes on Backsword and Sidesword will be taught Friday, January 17, 2003 at Jefferson Park Congregational Church in Chicago, IL. The classes will be taught by THL Senan O'Faolan from Atenveldt (mka Roger Siggs of Tattershall School of Defence, Phoenix AZ) and will be in conjunction with Twelfth Night. Backsword classes will be taught from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm on Friday before the event. There will be a cost of $50 (until January 1, 2003 or $100 thereafter).

Sidesword classes will run concurrent with Twelfth Night and will include two separate classes in the basics of sidesword or an introduction to Marozzo's sword and buckler. A donation of $15 is being asked for each class, or take both for $25.

There will be a special price of $65 if you register for all three of the classes through the Gallowglass Academy. You may do this by sending $30 with your name, address, phone and email to: Gallowglass Academy, 4739 N. Luna, Chicago, IL 60630-3410, Attn: Senan. Or you may call 773-202-9024 or apply online.