Drachenwald to host 2008 KWHS in London, England

It's official! The 2008 Known World Heraldic Symposium will be in Thamesreach, in Drachenwald.

This excerpt is from the latest LoAR published by Elisabeth Laurel, the head herald for our Society.

"FROM LAUREL - KWHSS 2008 in Drachenwald

The bid for Known World Heraldic Symposium 2008 has been awarded to the Shire of Thamesreach in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. The event will be held the weekend of September 5-7, 2008 at University College, London. The entire text of the event bid may be reviewed on OSCAR; you will recall that it is posted as a 'Laurel Other' letter dated January 10, 2007.

"September is not the traditional time of year for Symposium, but this date allows us to take advantage of lower costs, fewer crowds and the accommodations at University College. Because of this I am departing from tradition again and making this announcement now, rather than waiting until this year's Symposium to do so. Since this will involve far travel for many members of the College of Arms, it made sense to give everyone had as much time as possible to prepare for it.

"I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. This is a tremendous opportunity for us all and I thank the autocrat and her team for making it possible."


This event will have a lot to offer both scribes and heralds, including:

  • a visit to the British Library (10 minute walk from site!) hopefully to examine manuscripts 'in the flesh';
  • speaker from BL staff at the symposium
  • (hopefully) guests from the English College of Arms and the Lyon Court (Scotland's heraldic college)
  • a 'pub grub' meal at a local pub on Saturday evening (smoke-free!)
  • a gallery display of scribal work from Drachenwald

Scribal working space for classes is also planned; papers for the proceedings would be especially welcome.

If you stay in the UK to to attend Raglan Fair (http://www.raglanfair.org/) you'll have a week to browse the galleries (and art shops) of London at your leisure.

If you want to see the symposium bid for yourself, which describes the event as planned:


Select 'read LoIs' > Scroll to January 2007
click 'Laurel-other' dated 10 January 2007, which is the full bid.

I've started a YahooGroup, to start fielding questions about this event.

Membership in the yahoogroup requires approval, to keep out spammers, but all Society participants are welcome. Just drop a line on the joining page, to indicate you're a real person interested in the event.


Note: This is *not* an effort to steal the 2007 KWHS' thunder. A trip to Europe requires planning and thought, and I want to provide as much accurate info, and answer early questions ASAP.

I'm delighted by the responses of interest so far, and look forward to seeing this event grow over the coming year.


Genevieve la flechiere
event steward
KWHS 2008 in Drachenwald