Celtic Cadence Web Site Offers Lyrics, MP3s for SCA Bards

Celtic Cadence is a two-person bardic troupe with original and traditional music. Lyrics and downloadable MP3 tracks are available as a resource for bards in the SCA. The members of Celtic Cadence are also members in the SCA-wide Militant Society of Bards (MSOB), http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Alley/2032/msob.html . The Celtic Cadence web site is intended as "a gathering place for bards to learn and share their knowledge in order that our art may flourish." The site offers lyrics and MP3s for modern-written songs in period style, that is, music of the Current Middle Ages, including songs of their native Kingdom of An Tir.

The link to the Celtic Cadence web site is above this article.