Work of Aristotle, Archimedes Discovered Behind 10th-12th Century Manuscript

Writings by the Greek philosopher Aristotle have been discovered on the Euchologion (or Archimedes Palimpsest) beneath the 10th-12th century prayers written upon the parchment.

Using high-tech imaging systems, researchers at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore discovered the writings, which date back to 350 B.C. According to curator William Noel, this is the third such discovery on the same manuscript. The first discovery, in 2002, featured writings by the mathematician Archimedes and the 4th century politician Hyperides. In 2006, another treatise by Archimedes was found, discussing the properties of buoyancy.

Part 1

Part 1 was "Europe's Oldest 'Book' Read with High-Tech Imaging.

Part 2

Part 2 of this find was announced in 2006 as "Archimedes' Secrets Revealed by Atom Smasher." Catchy title guaranteed to attract both the modern geek and the medieval geek!