Known World Poetic Challenge at Pennsic XXXVI

Dunstan LeHeryngmongere, Poeta Atlantiae, has announced that this year's Pennsic War will again offer budding poets the chance to shine with the Knowne World Poetic Challenge, a competition to produce a poem with a heroic theme.

Dunstan LeHeryngmongere writes:

Greetings to the Knowne Worlde from Dunstan LeHeryngmongere, Poeta Atlantiae-

At Pennsic this year, as in years past, Atlantia shall once again host the Knowne World Poetic Challenge (KWPC). As Poeta Atlantiae I have the honor of running this competition. The theme for this year is heroic acts. The poem should be about acts the poet deems and describes as heroic in some form or fashion. These can be the acts of an actual historic figure, a literary figure or a Scadian.

The poem may be in any period style or any language (but English translations are required for poems not in English). Pieces should be limited to 3,000 words. Fragments of larger works may be entered but they must be independently cohesive from the main body and continuous. Documentation is required and should not exceed 5 pages (though bibliographies and portions of period poems as examples do not count towards these five pages). A labeled box will be placed at the A&S display tent on Monday, August 6th and entries can be dropped off there. You will need to submit 3 copies of the poem and three copies of the documentation. Entries that do not have the correct number of copies will be disqualified. You do not have to be at Pennsic to enter this competition. You may submit an entry electronically directly to me and I will get it to the judges. Even if you ARE attending Pennsic feel free to forward your entry to me beforehand. Only one entry per person will be accepted. This is a non-performance competition, and there will not be an opportunity to read/recite/orally document your work. Your written words alone will speak for your poetic prowess.

As in the past, entries will be judged on:

  1. use of period imagery
  2. use of period style and convention
  3. complexity of the piece
  4. written documentation
  5. poem's adherence to theme/topic (namely, heroic deeds)
  6. overall judge's impression

Entries will be taken electronically from now until July 15th, 2007. Entries will be taken on site at the A&S exhibition throughout the day on Monday, August 6th and until 12 noon on Tuesday, August 7th. The box will be picked up at Noon on Tuesday The winner will be announced (and given their prize) at a special get together on Wednesday August 8th at a location to be determined.

For more information or questions or to send me your entry please contact me at Many thanks!

In service
Dunstan LeHeryngmongere
Poeta Atlantiae