Memories of Pennsic IX

Master Hogge from the Kingdom of AEthelmearc shares an excerpt from the Pennsic IX site booklet. The excerpt includes rules for having a safe and fun War. Enjoy!

Master Hogge writes:

I have it in front of me now! It reads (including the original typos):
Welcome to the Ninth Pennsic War
  1. Please do not take your vehicle off the marked roads. You may not drive to your tent space. It has been raining here for the two weeks and we want to avoid the trapped dragon problem.
  2. Please do not camp on the marked roads. These are acess roads necessary for emergenct vehicles and to service the port-o-castles.
  3. Please try and keep coolers and canned beverages out of view.
  4. Please try to keep the area clean. There will be a limited number of trashbags available Sunday.
  5. All lost and found will be handled by the Information Booth. Any items not claimed by 5pm Sunday will be given into the custody of the autocrat. To claim items after that time contact her.
  6. Bring any complaints for the autocrat to the Information Booth (by day) or the Troll Booth (by night). The people working there should be able to answer your questions.
  7. The autocrats and the staff can be identified by purple and gold armband, staves, and/or baldrics.
  8. If you wish to volunteer your services please sign up at the info booth.
  9. The nearest liquor store (called a "State Store") is in Zelienople Pa.. Just take I79 South to the Zrlienople exit. The store is on the same street yoy exit on.
  10. The nearest grocery/deli (like a 7/Eleven Store) is "Ettingerrs". Take 422 to Rt 19 South- it is about 4 miles/ They also have a self-serve gas station open on Sundays.
  11. There will be a full schedule for each ady posted na the Information Booth.

What's a dragon? Oh, I remember - that's what we called our cars. Other terminology from that time includes "pharspeaker" (telephone) and "soul catcher" (camera).

Glad for the memories,