Angelo and Jane new Heirs to Calontir

TRM Lorell and Cadfael discovered Their heirs from a field of 24 entrants and their consorts. Sir Angelo Paolo Cavelli, KSCA, won the right to crown his lady, Mistress Jane Corwin, OL Princess of Calontir.

In the finals of the tournament, Prince Angelo defeated Sir Hirsch Ross Eichmann, who was inspired by Mistress Magdelina vander Meere, OL (formerly known as Meredydd ferch Owain). Combattants in the semi-finals included Duke Martino Michel Veneri, inspired by Duchess Ariel of Glastonbury Tor, and Sir Angus of Blackmoor, inspired by Mistress Diana MacLean.

Festivities included an heraldic parade of the combattants' shields and helms prior to the tournament, and a magnificent feast entertained by a jester, bellydancers, and bards.

Vivat Calontir!

HRH name is Jane, not Jayne

Sorry for the misspelling! I had based it off an email and didn't think to check. Her Royal Highness' name is Jane, not Jayne (no 'y'), according to Calontir's website.

Thanks for the correction

I've updated the article.