Dragonsspine’s Champions

Dragonsspine’s Champions is fast approaching. Are you ready to compete (or bet on the competitors)? Are you ready to celebrate the 21st birthday of the Outlands (an auspicious age indeed)? Come join us for a weekend of fun and good times as Dragonsspine seeks it’s Champions for the coming year!

The festivities open Friday with general mayhem amongst the Rapier fighters and betwixt the Heavies for fun (and to perhaps size up the competition). Archery is also not forgotten with a Fun shoot for all archers to compete in.

The Dragonsspine Scribes Guild will be holding a donation Welcome feast before the Dragonsspine Bardic Competition and Dragonsspine’s own birthday celebration, marking its 29th year.

The Baron’s Brewing Competition on Saturday is open to ANYONE who cares to enter with winners and prizes to be declared in three categories: Ales and Beers, Wines and Meads, Distillates and other Liquors. We are seeking the finest brewers from throughout the Outlands to enter and display their liquid talents. A Populace Choice and a BaronÂ’s Choice will also be selected, so brew enough for everyone to try!

Simultaneously (because who couldn’t use a few drinks when one’s own artistic work is being thoroughly examined and critiqued) is the Dragonsspine Arts and Sciences Competition. Anyone may enter, with those from outside the Barony competing for a VisitorÂ’s Prize. Please be aware that if youÂ’re a Dragonsspinian competing for Champion, you must submit 3 entries in different categories.

Come and have fun, giggles and even a few hearty laughs at Dragonsspine’s Champions!

For those of you planning to camp with your house or a group of friends that just want to keep your tents together, please contact Lord Omar ibn Haroun al-Askari al-Rumi, Co-Autocrat and Land Coordinator for Dragonsspines Champions. obailey@adelphia.net

June 14-17, 2007, Turkey Creek Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO
Site Opens Thursday noon, June 14
Site Closes Sunday 3pm, June 17

Adult weekend: $15.00 ea
Child weekend: $5.00 ea
Family Cap: $40.00 ea
$3.00 non-member surcharge

At Gate:
Adult Weekend: $20.00
Child Weekend: $7.50
Family Cap: $50.00
Adult daytrip: $5.00 ea
Child daytrip: FREE!
$3.00 non-member surcharge

Merchants: $30.00 flat fee (Includes Merchant and 1 assistant) Location:
Braony of Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, CO)