Baron Wars X

Who would have thought that 10 years ago this small (only 600 people showed up) event would grow to be the amazing event that it is today. Over the years we have weathered some of the worst that North West Ohio in May can throw at you. It has been hot (in the early years it was) and cold (down to 38°F) and windy (we had a tornado touch down within 2 miles of the site once) and wet. But mostly it has been wet. Every year we have prayed for sunny, warm and dry weather, but every year the weather just laughs at us and sits a low pressure zone overhead.

So what the heck, this year we figure that once again Baron Wars is going to offer you the unique opportunity to test out your cold weather camping survival skills. A golden opportunity to test whether your tent is waterproof or not. A chance to break out that really heavy wool cloak and those Wellingtons. An opening for those who wish to experience some of the most historically accurate European weather of the camping season. Without a doubt fighting at Baron Wars, in the mud and rain, offers the fighters a unique chance to experience the weather faced by many Northern European fighters during the campaign season. After all what is noteworthy about the Battle of Agincourt is not so much the Archers, but the mud and rain.

One thing never changes though, no matter how cold and wet the weather is it never dampens the atmosphere of the event. Ask anyone who came last year, the reports usually are "I had a fantastic time, despite the weather". The camaraderie is strong, the fighting is excellent, and once again Baron Wars is a Kingdom War Practice. So come and experience the worst that N.W. Ohio Spring weather can throw at you, with nearly 1000 of your friends.

Autocrats Helewyse, Thryrik and Raphael.

pps: several of the competitions have special rain/mud/weather themes this year.

Date/Time Information
When - Site will open at 2pm on Friday May 18th and Close at 5pm on Sunday May 20th.

Camping: Adults $15 / Children aged 6-17 $7.50 / Children 5 and under free / Family max $38

Day trip: Adults $9 / Children aged 6-17 $4.00 / Children 5 and under free / Family max $23

Where - Fort Meigs, 29100 West River Road, Perrysburg, OH 43552

Above ground fire pits only please, the only allowed in ground firepit is the one we dig. City water is available on site.

Please be aware that the event site is inside the new emerald ash borer quarantine zone. What this means to you: Firewood cannot be moved from Michigan into Ohio - $4000 fine Firewood can be brought from non quarantined areas to the fort. But you cannot take it back out of the quarantined area. $4000 fine. Firewood can be moved within a quarantined area freely.

For up to date information and quarantine maps please check out

Please do your part to prevent the spread of this destructive pest. Thank you!

Food merchants are hosting the atmospheric, candle-lit Boars' Head Tavern in a beautiful stone edifice complete with fire place to warm your cold wet feet and innards. There will also be a feast this year. The Tavern will be open from Friday pm through Sunday morning. For more information, check out the Boar's Head tavern website. Other Amenities/Activities

Restaurants, ice, groceries and most all the usual wished-for amenities are about a mile distant.

We now have a new Ultra Quiet Camping area outside the Fort walls, - again, - ask at Troll. Nearby hotel/motels are available for those who are not much into the whole "period" experience.

Leashed pets are allowed if quiet / friendly / cleaned up after!

Modern handicap-accessible restrooms are on site. (as well as small facilities more reminiscent of the Great War)

Loud Bardic fire for drumming and dancing will be tended for the late-night revelry crowd inside the Fort, set against the shimmering backdrop of the scenically beautiful Maumee River! Quiet Bardic will once again be hosted by the Boars Head Tavern. Location:
Marche of the Marshes (Perrysburg, Ohio)