Lusty Month of May

Lords and Ladies, we invite you to join the Shire of Talmere in quickening the Spring with feasts of skill and bravery, romance and roguery, style and grace. So returns the Lusty Month of May! Come to watch the fighting, take a class or to enjoy the late spring with friends and family. Cooks of all experience levels are invited to participate in the Cast Iron Chef competition. Artisians are invited to compete in the A&S competition. We hope you will stay for a fabulous "Life is Short, Eat Dessert First" themed feast, and a Maypole dance, teen revel and European revel and hafla following feast.

FDR State Park, 2970 GA Hwy 190
Pine Mountain, Georgia -

Lord Corwyn Ambrose (Craig Newton)

Lady Sibella Denton (Heather Mbaye)

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Shire of Talmere

Feast: Leda of Talmere (Leslie Hodgin)

Please let the feastcrats know at least two weeks in advance of the event about allergy concerns.

Event Pricing
Adults / Children (6-12 yrs. old)
Weekend - $22
Weekend w/adult feast - $14
Weekend off board - $17 Weekend w/child's feast - $12
Daytrip - $14 Weekend off board - $9
Daytrip off board - $9 Daytrip w/adult feast - $10
Daytrip w/child's feast - $8
Daytrip off board - $5
Non-members add - $3
Early registration - subtract $2 if postmarked by April 1.

Tourney of Roses - (Heavy and Light) - Every fighter starts with two roses. When they lose, they must present one of their roses to anyone the winner of the bout chooses. When a fighter is out of roses, he or she is eliminated from the tournament; however, they may purchase additional roses to remain in the tournament.

War Practice - Sponsored by the Meridian Foreign Legion. Duke Trelon will share his many years of battlefield experience with scenarios to delight the most jaded wardog!

A&S Competition: There will be an A&S competition featuring eggs. This will be a populace judged, static arts competition. A bonus will be given to entries that incorporate eggs in some manner. Entries must be turned in between 9:00 and 9:30 (we want to make sure that entrants have time to get to classes or fighting afterwards) and picked up by 3:00.

Fundraiser Lunch by the Meridian Foreign Legion - stir fry chicken w/vegetables and rice ($5) proceeds to be split with a Kingdom cause (TBA) Raffle fundraiser by House Aylekeepe - a handcrafted chest (raffles $1 each or 6 for $5) Do not have to be present to win - drawing at Court or Feast Proceeds to be split with TRM's Travel Fund Location:
Shire of Talmere (Pine Mountain, Georgia)