Highland River Melees

The Barony of Highland Foorde invites all to come join in the festivities at our Highland River Melees!

Highland River Melees
Hagerstown City Park
June 8-10, 2007

Highland River Melees will continue its tradition of providing a day of premier martial activities, impressive arts and sciences activities, excellent shopping and a delectable feast. Our theme this year, Europe and the Middle East from 1066 to 1291 (the fall of Acre), will focus on the cultures and locales that participated in or were affected by the three Crusades that spanned those two centuries. The Baron, Baroness and populace welcome all those who are English, French, Italian, German and other Europeans as well as their Byzantine and Middle Eastern contemporaries!

Plan for a surfeit of heavy fighting (melees, melees and for a change, melees!), archery, rapier, and thrown weapons. Artisans from our fair Kingdom will be showcased in arts and sciences competitions, displays, demonstrations and classes.

We are seeking teachers for classes (lecture and/or hands-on) to cover any aspects of the time period. Please contact the Autocrat via email if interested.

To encourage pre-registration, we will hold a drawing among those who have pre-registered and the winner will receive a hand-wrought piece of pottery from Master Eadric the Potter.

Please see our website at http://highland-foorde.atlantia.sca.org/hrmelees.shtml for the complete announcement.

Site Information
Hager House - Hagerstown City Park
110 Key St.
Hagerstown MD 21740

Site opens at 4:00 pm Friday, June 8 and closes at noon on Sunday, June 10, 2007.

Site Restrictions
No pets allowed! Site is dry. No vehicles permitted on site after 10 am on Saturday.

Lady Adriana di Salaparuta (Vera Messina)

Adult, Member:$ 6.00 Day-Trip$ 8.00 Feast$ 0.00 Camping
Adult, Non-Member:$ 9.00 Day-Trip$ 8.00 Feast$ 0.00 Camping
Child (6-17):$ 2.00 Day-Trip$ 8.00 Feast$ 0.00 Camping
Child (0-5):$ 0.00 Day-Trip$ 0.00 Feast$ 0.00 Camping

Children under 6 are guests of the Barony of Highland Foorde, and the maximum family site rate is $20.00. There is no family maximum on feast. Non-member surcharges are not included in the maximum family rate. Camping is free. Refunds for pre-registrations should be requested 24 hours prior to event and if requested thereafter, are at the discretion of the autocrat.

Questions on reservations:
e-mail: Lady Elena di Salaparuta (Donna Hoblit)

Feast Information
The talented cooks of Highland Foorde will provide a delicious feast with period foods from various locales. Please contact the Autocrat with any dietary concerns.

Martial Activities
Heavy combat
Thrown weapons

Arts and Sciences
There will be classes to be announced later based on the time period.
There will be an A&S competition with four subcategories of one major theme.

A&S Competition Theme:
In their travels, the Crusaders acquired items or learned new techniques that they took back to Europe. Therefore the main theme of A&S competition will center on these items and techniques that they adopted ?as is? or incorporated into already existing items and practices when they returned home.
The four subcategories will be:

  • Items made of hard materials such as wood, clay, glass, and metal
  • Items made of soft materials such as fiber and paper
  • Edible items
  • Bardic

Note: There will be some materials such as leather that could fall into either the hard or soft category. It will be up to the entrant?s discretion as to which category they wish to enter.

Documentation will be required showing the source and the subsequent use in Europe. Please provide a one-page summary of the documentation.

Entries must be in by 1:00 pm. Judging will be 1:00 ? 3:00.

Merchant Information
Merchants are invited to come and sell their wares! Use of tent or canopy is encouraged as the event is entirely outdoors. There is plentiful space ? specific spots will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis. No vehicles will be permitted on the site after 10:00 am on Saturday. Please provide your name (SCA and legal), the name of your business, date and approximate time of arrival as well as your space and any other needs to:
Lady Margaret Sayher (Gail Gladfelter)
ladysayher@adelphia.net Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde (Hagerstown, Maryland)