Journey to Constantinople

We the populace of Hindscroft, a Canton in the Barony of Sacred Stone. Would like to invite you to join with us on a "Journey to Constantinople".

*When:* June 22nd-24th
*Where:* Castle Elchenburg in Boonville, NC.
*Cost:* Only $9 to camp for the whole weekend if you register before June 1st
*Food:* Of course! A fabulous five course feast will be served for the small sum of $6! (but we must register soon because spaces are filling quickly and we will only be serving 65 lucky people!)

  1. Regular and Novice Tourneys in all three marshaled styles,
  2. An innovative A&S program including displays, great classes, and multiple sponsored prizes.
  3. A gaming hall with an array of games to try your hand at.
  4. A children's Decathlon for ages 7-12. No need to be "authorized" just come play! The top three scores get a prize.
  5. MELEES!!!! Get ready for Pennsic with a Castle battle, an Open Field battle, and a Woods battle.
  6. People how many reasons do you need to have a good time with a couple hundred of your closest friends!!!

Follow this link for all the important info and to register(printable pre-reg forms). Location:
Canton of Hindscroft (Boonville, North Carolina)