Belegarth Medieval Combat Society Helps "Troubled" Teens

Brigham Young University Newsnet: Belegarth, a Medieval Combat Society based on J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world, gives teens a safe, fun place to use their imaginations and take out a few aggressions. Kendra Smith, staff writer for the Brigham Young University Newsnet, wrote a recent article on how a medieval combat society is helping teenagers cope with life while having fun. The Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is based on Tolkien's fantasy world and includes dressing in medieval garb. It's biggest appeal, however, is the boffer-style combat.

Smith's article covers Ered Duath, the chapter located near Springfield, UT which was started several years ago by Andrew Snyder. He didn't plan to start a group for troubled teens but agrees that it can function that way.

"Up until the age of 15, if someone made me mad I tried to break their neck," Snyder said. At 15, he realized the damage he could do to people, and began using music and drawing in high school as an outlet. When he left high school, he found Battleguard a group that became his stress reliever.

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