Ealdormere announces Crown Tourney combattants and consorts

King Edouard and Queen Domhnail have announced the list of combattants and consorts for Ealdormere's Crown Tourney, to be held May 26. In no particular order, here is the list:

  • Master Trumbrand the Wanderer for THLady Kaylah the Cheerful
  • THLady Kaylah the Cheerful for Master Trumbrand the Wanderer
  • Sir Evander MacLachlan for THLady Melusine De La Rose
  • Sir Etian au Neval for Lady Valfreya Greenspear
  • Sir Siegfried Brandboern for THLady Mauvrneen MacKellar
  • Baron Phaidrig McNeil for Mistress Etaoin O'Fearghail
  • THLord Wat of Sarum for Countess Susanna the Unyielding
  • Lord Grimmroth Skullhammer for Lady Aveline Carnyn
  • Sir Nigel Macfarlane for Mistress Adrielle Kerrec
  • Streonwold Wulfesbana, Hlaford for THLady Seonag nicThomias
  • THLord Corrig McKail for THLady Emer nic Aidan
  • Lord Amelius Claudius Rattanicus for Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova