Spring Coronet in Warriors' Gate

Lord Larian of the Stronghold of Warriors' Gate in the Palantine Barony of the Far West (South Korea) reports on the group's recent Spring Coronet.

Larian writes:

My apologies for taking so long to do this, work overwhelmed me once I returned to the Mundane world. Since it's been a while, I know that I will probably forget things of importance, so please correct me!

The day started off as a wonderful day, although with some hefty changes thrust upon us, we were recovering. I wish to make special note to thank Master Danr for his guidance in making sure that everything worked out as we planned with the Magic Mirrors. Also, a special thank you to all the smiling new faces, whether you came on your own volition or were dragged there. It's always great to see folks take an interest or rekindle and interest in the SCA. And we couldn't have made a dent in the copious amounts of food without you! And finally, a SPECIAL Thank You to m'Lady Margaret Seaborn, BBB, for putting together such a wonderful feast! It was indeed lipsmacking good!

Once the painful processes of signing people on through the gate, and initial set up was completed, things finally started in earnest. Master Danr, Mistress Isabele, and Lady Rainault got to see and judge the wonderful entries by Lady Bernadette, Margaret, and Lady Katherine. For some reason, the cordials and mead needed quite a few reconfirmation tastes. ;) Mistress Isabele was also kind enough to teach many folks the numerous games she set up.

The fighters were itching to get on the field that Arslan had so kindly set up. Once we worked out the order of battle and made sure we all had armour to suit us, we did glorious battle. The final came down to Larian and Ivan. It was a glorious set of battles that swayed back and forth across the field, with neither able to get the advantage until the at last Ivan proved victorious to claim the Title of Baronial Heavy Weapon Champion. Huzzah!

Since we had no one to authorize or marshal any light weapons fighting, there was no competition. And I believe that Margaret had the only other light weapon fighter tied up in the kitchens.

Shortly after the heavy weapon combat, it was announced that there would be court, and that we had a new Baroness about to step up. Final Court was help with a magic mirror providing a floating head of the reigning Baron. Margaret was dragged away from the kitchens for a brief moment to be presented with the Bearer of the Burdened Bouget. Then she went back o the kitchens. Larian was also presented the Bearer of the Burdened Bouget. Rothri was officially recognized as a member of th Order of the Empty Shell for his service to the Barony.

The new Baroness Katherine was crowned at that time. As Seneschal of th Stronghold, Larian made presentations of gifts to the incoming Baroness and the Outgoing Baron. Aric was also recognized for his participation in the Youth Arts and Sciences competition, and was declared the Youth Champion.

Then the feast that never ended started! The food was absolutely astounding, and there was a great deal of it! Thank you to the folks who brought empty stomachs. It was during the reveling and many good natured stories that The Stronghold declared to the Baroness that Dok-Do belongs to us (and none shall refute that claim!). The Baroness also graced some folks with a few special gifts (which she never thought she'd ever have occasion to use even).

And so went the event from all I can remember as a summary. Please feel free to add your own details!



Magic Times Indeed

I was surprised as any when I arrived and found the Baron's head floating around on a 'magic mirror'. Brilliant way to get him there! Surely this was an SCA first, to have a coronet handed over from a mirror?

Here's the link to some photos of this court should anyone wish to see!


Yours, Katherine, Palatine Baroness