Beyond Chivalry

Come and spend a day participating in Mounted Warrior Games. Ring tilts, Quintains, Spear Throwing, Crest Combat Tourney and a Challenge Course are planned for Intermediate level and above (must compete at a trot or higher). In addition we will have a Jousting Demo in honor of our most beautiful Queen by the mounted warriors that were at Atlantia's first Jousting Practice in April.

Lakeview Plantation
Allendale, SC

$5.00 for each camper per night 10 years and older
$15.00 a night for bunkbed

$10.00 a night for corral
$5.00 a night for tie line
$10.00 Saturday usage fee (all horses must pay this)

Site Info.:

Also please send in rider/horse info to MIC of horses Eleanor de Montfort (Taren Semiklose) at Include authorization level, what participating in, number of horses bringing, and contact information. Please send in Coggins # and exp. date.

Site opens at 3pm Friday and closes at 1pm Sunday. Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Allendale, South Carolina)