Book Arts Workshop: Tackling Simple Book Repair

Jennifer Hain Teper, Conservation Librarian for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, will lead a workshop on the basics of book structure, identifying different types of damage, and conduct a hands-on tutorial for simple repair techniques for books, which can be used in libraries or at home.

Techniques to be covered include inserting loose pages, mending torn pages, cleaning, consolidating frayed corners and tightening loose hinges. All repairs can be accomplished with a small number of tools and supplies and do not require any large, specialized book binding equipment. Supplies to perform all repairs covered will be provided to each participant to take home and will include: a brief manual, a practice book (pre-"broken"), archival mending tape, a bone folder, small scissors, archival quality paper, a brick (to make a book weight), materials to make a light weight, vinyl eraser, soft brush, glue brush, polyvinyl acetate adhesive, skewers and Plexiglas rods (used for tightening hinges), and sheets of waxed paper. These repairs are durable and not appropriate for very old or fragile materials, or those of high value. Class size is limited to 12. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois