Book Arts Workshops: What is a Book Worth?

What is a book worth? And how do you know? And what do you mean by the "worth of a book"? Books have dollar value and intrinsic, research value. This workshop will discuss both.

Many things add to--or detract from--the values of books. What are the variables? Many tools exist out there to help us determine what the going rate for a book is. What are those tools? How can we use them? The tools themselves are fallible. How? What kinds of fudge factors must we employ when we use the pricing guides so that we don't pay (charge) too much for the books we are buying (selling)? Is there a difference in the evaluation of a book for purchase from the evaluation of it for insurance or estate purposes? How should I evaluate a book if I want to sell it as opposed to buy it? Is there a difference between "insurance value" and "replacement value?" What about buying books at auction? What are the opportunities and pitfalls? How can you protect yourself and wind up with a good deal? Should I get my books from booksellers? eBay? thrift shops? relatives? How do variant copies of the same title vary in value? These are some of the questions you will hear the answers to in this valuable workshop. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois