Raoukinn Eyverska Placed on Vigil in An Tir

The Honorable Lady Raoukinn Eyverska has been placed on vigil and will be knighted at An Tir's July Coronation, the first woman in fifteen years to receive knighthood in that Kingdom. In a message to the An Tir list, Achaxe writes:

Greetings All.

I have wonderful news to share. This past Saturday at Lionheart's tourney, In Madrone, An Tir, Their Majesties Davin and Groa held a very short court. His Majesty asked that the Order of Chivalry come before him. When they had gathered, He said to them, "As we discussed at May Crown, it is time to add another to this order. We are all in agreement on this candidate?" There were smiles and nods from the gathered members of the order. His Majesty then called out, "Squire Raoukinn, come and kneel before me." Raoukinn was asked to join the Order of Chivalry, and after checking with her knight, Sir Timothy ap Caradoc, she replied that she would take vigil until July Coronation. With that, the Order was dismissed and court was adjourned so that the finals of the tournament could be fought.

In addition to being recognized as a Peer to the knights of our kingdom and of the Knowne World, she joins a very special, select and talented group of women. HL Raoukinn is the first woman in fifteen years to be offered the accolade of knighthood in An Tir. The last woman knighted in An Tir was Sir Crisiant ferch Eirian, knighted by Steingrimm and Lenora in May of 1988. The first was Lady Bolverk of Momchilovich, knighted by Torgul and Angharad in Sept 1982. Until the Board of Directors passed an addendum to corpora allowing women to participate in SCA combat, Bolverk actually had to carry around a permission slip signed by then King of the West, Paul of Bellatrix, in order to fight in SCA combat. (An Tir was still a principality of The West at that time)

Upon her acceptance of the accolade, Raoukinn will be the third Lady Knight of An Tir. An Tir will truly be enhanced by the addition of this new knight.


Those wishing to know more about heavy combat for women in the SCA may wish to attend a class taught by Sir Raoukinn at Sport of Kings: Academy of Armored Combat, August 1-4, 2003 in the Barony of Three Mountains.

Class Description

Overcoming Gender-centric Cultural Conditioning
Instructor: Rauokinn Eyverska
Duration: 2 hours
Class size: Min: 4 Max: 20
Armor required

Course Description: This class will address from a woman's perspective: basic sword and shield technique, power generation, physical and psychological issues and non-issues, armoring so that you may fight comfortably in your armor, and attitude on and off the field. The first half of the class is to be lecture and discussion. The second half is hands on and in armor. If you do not yet have armor, you can still take the class, as there are plenty of techniques that can be practiced without armor. Also, there may be some loaner armor available. There will be a ten page handout given to students.