16th Century Clothing -Swiss!

I need some help researching and recreating clothing for my personna. He is a mid 16th century Swiss (Canton of Bern, somewhere rural) Anabaptist. The main difficulty here is finding just what the early Anabaptists dressed like, my research has led me to believe it will be something of a simplified version of common peasant clothes of that time -peasant clothes are hard to find too. I already (mostly) know about regular shirts, pants, etc. What I need to know is what would be authentic regarding Jackets/coats, vests, etc. Keep in mind that the doublet was not worn by Anabaptists. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and also any other advice/information you may have regarding this personna wouldbe greatly appreciated. And, as for name I should be all right on my own, but any suggestions would be helful, especially for first names. Thank you.

*twitch twitch* Anabaptists

*twitch twitch* Anabaptists *twitch* *twitch*

"What does a 16th C Anabaptist wear" is a pretty similar question to 'What does a mid 20th century Revolutionary Communist or an early 21st century Takfiri radical Islamist wear'.

Anabaptists crossed social classes, crossed regions and crossed levels of commitment to The Cause.

That said, 'what everyone else wears, only much less fancy' is probably safest. Black is good, brown is good, fancy colors and such are signifiers of Catholicism and worldliness.

Personally, I'd get some fancy-ish 16th clothes, then read some period Anabaptist writers and replace the facy stuff with good, hard wearing wool.

Anton de Stoc, at Rowany XVIII Jun

One of the large reasons for

One of the large reasons for the lack of information concerning peasant garb is the fact that it varyied from region to region city to city. You can almost garuntee that the clothing was wool or simple linens. They would probably have been of earth tone because of the high cost of dyes. Here is a link that may assist you.. www.io.com/~dierdorf/ww.html I apologize for the long delay... Cheers, Dave