Spring Tune Up 2007

Come and remove the "rust of the winter" from your armor! Fling the cloth yard shaft on the archery range (weather permitting). Fencers come and foil your opponents. Children come pursue combat with boffer weapons. Spend some coin in the merchant area or pass the time socializing in the great hall.

Saturday June 9 2007
Cookstown Curling Club

A&S-We have classes in veil beading, drop spindle, poetry, hood making, illumination and much more! Our schedule hasn't been posted yet but will be up early next week. Be sure to check our site.

Merchants? We've got it!
Fencing? We've got it!
Thrown Weapons? We've got it!
Archery? We've Got It!
Minor Combat? We've Got It!
Armoured Combat? We've got that too!

All of this and a fabulous feast for 64 by Streonwold and Seonag too!! We will once again be having our special kids menu for young gentles with discriminating tastes. For details please go to http://ca.geocities.com/vanheef/CDupEvent.htm new information is being added weekly!

From all points find your best way to Highway 400. From the South: Take Highway 400 North to Simcoe Rd 89 (formerly Hwy. 89). Take Simcoe Rd. 89 West into Cookstown, **as you crest the hill look for a cemetery and church on the right. The gate to the site, (marked by stone posts) is just past the church. (Signs will be posted). IF you reach the traffic lights in town you have gone too far.

From the North. Follow Highway 400 South to Simcoe Rd. 89 (formerly Hwy. 89). Take Simcoe Rd 89 West into Cookstown and follow the directions above (see **). Location:
Canton of Caer Draeth (Cookstown, Ontario)