First time "Cut and Thrust" in Northshield

Lord Julio reports that a Northshield "first" took place recently at Provost Challenge when he and Master Kevin made use of "Cut and Thrust" during a rapier tournament. Toshikage explains the technique.

Julio writes:

Well, Provost Challenge once again was a very interesting event with a bit of history made,

When Cut and Thrust was approved a year ago it was decided that there would be tournaments but it would be a year before we would hold them. Well, it has been a year, and when Master Kevin and I faced off in the challenge we decided to utilize Cut and Thrust to settle our dispute. So the first ever use of Cut and Thrust in a Northshield tournament was held this weekend!

For those wondering, Kevin did win that bout although I got even later when we cycled back again and played with a rapier. :-) I seem to have a thing for getting second at historic occasions such as the first ever rapier tournament under approved Midrealm rules back in 1994.

There were other cool things in the day - Lady Gabriel from the Shire of Noirguarde defeated Lord Bron from the Shire of Coldedernhale for the Iron Ring in a good bout of rapier and dagger.

"Eddie", Lady Gabriel's 15 year old son, was authorized to engage adults in heavy rapier and proceeded to make it all the way to semifinals- way to go!

Lord David the Sagacious of Coldernhale defeated Lord Martin MacKeegan in the final bout of the challenge. Although Lord David has been in the final rounds of many rapier and armored bouts in his 20 year SCA career, this is his first ever tourney victory. Vivat to David!!

All in all a good day of fencing, even if we were crushed in a friendly raid from the west. :-) My thanks to everyone attended and look forward to seeing more friends next year!



Toshikage provides an explanation of the technique:

Cut and Thrust (C&T) is the outcome of the sidesword experiment. That may not be helpful if you weren't familiar with the sidesword experiment, so I'll give you another answer.

C&T is SCA Unarmored Combat (aka "rapier" or "fencing") with some additional equipment and authorization requirements, but which also allows the use of more realistic cutting actions and steel sword simulators that better approximate swords other than rapiers.

I've found that people who primarily do rattan combat like to explain it as "It's armored combat with no armor and steel swords" and that people who primarily do rapier (unarmored) combat like to explain it as "It's rapier combat with cuts, different swords, and more armor." And people who primarily do historical combat A&S like to describe it as "a way to do free-play (but no grappling) historical combat study under the umbrella of one of the SCA martial sports." Any of these three answers may be easy to understand, but are not necessarily complete answers.

You might ask, "what are the rules for this?" If you'll direct your ethereal librarian to, you will find this volume contains the current rules set for Rapier (Unarmored) Combat in Northshield. You will find that some text is in red, indicating the additions since the last revision of the rules. Much of this revised material concerns the addition of C&T as an additional form.

You might ask "I don't like rapiers, so what else can I use in this?" If you'll direct your ethereal librarian to

Or for a complete list of what types of swords/blades are allowed for this, please see

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!