Positions available: Kingdom "Tournaments Illuminated" Liaisons

Mistress Doria Tecla, Editor of Tournaments Illuminated, has announced the search for Kingdom Liaisons to cover news for the various kingdoms.

Tournaments Illuminated Liaison

The kingdom Tournaments Illuminated Liaison must be able to make TI announcements at court, coordinate writers and photographers to supply items for TI, regularly attend kingdom events and generally know enough of the populace in order to collect the "news". Presenting the SCA and Tournaments Illuminated in a positive light both in written and oral communications is critical, as is adherence to deadlines.

E-mail (with the capability of sending 300 dpi black and white photos) is necessary, as is access to posting on kingdom e-mail group, plus a willingness to participate in an e-mail discussion group for liaisons, editor, art director and interested others. The e-mail discussion is planned to include topics on differences from kingdom to kingdom that could generate additional articles.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supplying 2 to 3 photos and 300 words of copy plus 70 words of captions for Kingdom News page in TI once annually, plus necessary Release Forms.
  • Supplying 2 photos (one of item and one of competition winner) plus 80 to 100 words of copy for kingdom arts & sciences competition winners, plus necessary Release Forms.

If you are in a kingdom that hosts: Estrella, Pennsic, Lilies, Great Western or Gulf Wars, a war report would need to be coordinated with 4 to 5 photographs, 1 clear photograph of front and back of site token/medallion, and 550 words of copy plus 100 words combined of photo captions for the "War Report" plus necessary Release Forms

Special projects would include finding artists/photographers to supply "stock" art and photos, and as needed for specific issues.

Those interested in the positions should contact their various Kingdom Seneschals to apply for the job.


Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email comments@lists.sca.org


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