Farewell to Dungeons and Dragons designer Tom Moldvay

Tom Moldvay, one of the designers of the popular Dungeons and Dragons™ role-playing game, passed away earlier this week. Many people have been led to the SCA by previous experience in D&D.

Tom Moldvay was instrumental in the early development of the game, authoring or co-authoring such modules such as "Isle of Dread" (the module included in the 1980s expert set of Dungeons and Dragons), Castle Amber, and the original Fiend Folio.

"With Tom, it was always about the game -- any idea that advanced the game was worth considering. For example, in preparation for a Boot Hill tournament at GenCon, he once hand-copied a prospector's map onto a torn piece of brown paper bag, folded it down, and carried it around in his boot for two weeks, all to give it an authentic 'air' when he dumped it onto the table for the players."

Tom was a native of northeast Ohio. The cause of his death is unknown. Thanks for all of your work, Tom. It is appreciated.