A&S and Service to Have Warpoints at An Tir/West War

Arts and Sciences and Service will have their own Warpoints at the upcoming An Tir/West War to be held July 3-6, 2003 in the Principality of the Summits. All participants of the An Tir/West War will be able to compete for War Points this year, making the competition not just for fighters anymore.

On Saturday July 5, an A&S Competition will be held with entrants declaring either for the West Kingdom or An Tir, but entries will be anonymous. Because of the judging format and because of health and safety limitations regarding consumables, entries may be from any category except for brewing, cooking, or the performance arts. The populace will vote with tokens and "Best in Show" will be that entry with the most tokens. The warpoint will be awarded to the kingdom that has acquired the greatest number of tokens, and Queens from any kingdom in attendance are encouraged to choose their personal favorite entry and offer a personal acclaim at Final Court.

For more information, please contact the War's Minister of Arts & Sciences, Lady Rhiannon. She may be reached at vikinggirl1224@yahoo.com

The An Tir/West War 2003 Service Warpoint Competition will be ongoing from the time the event opens until 2 hours before Final Court. Those wishing to participate must declare for either the West or An Tir when they register with the Volunteer Coordinator, Viscountess Meagan Windemere, whose staff will send them to help where needed, track their hours worked and then tally the final results. The participant with the most hours will receive an individual prize and the Warpoint will be awarded to the Kingdom with the most hours of service. Event staff will not be eligible to declare their hours.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Viscountess Meagan Windemere. She may be reached at damepeacock@juno.com.