Lochac Bards to be Sold to Highest Bidder

Canterbury Faire, which will be held February 4-9, 2004 in Southern Gaard, NZ, will feature a Bardic Auction where bardic talents will be sold to the highest bidder. A bardic auction for the benefit of the Laurels Freedom Bus Fund will be held at next year's Canterbury Faire. Participating bards will be required to produce a tale about their purchaser or the event with the story to be presented during feast on the following day. Since the event has a Canterbury Tales theme, stories in that vein will be appropriate. All contributions will later be collected into a souvenir booklet. Organizers are also seeking prizes which would accompany the bard but which the purchaser could keep. Long distance bardic and artisan contributions will also be accepted. These stories to be included in the booklet.

For more information or to contribute a story or prize, please contact Lady Rowena at belle@nzartonline.com