Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

The East and the West have been discovering and rediscovering each other for centuries. Rome knew of strange peoples to the East they called Seres, the Silk People, who created the ethereal fabric favored by wealthy Roman women. Gold flowed from the Empire in rivers so Roman wives displayed more of their bodies then Roman husbands felt strictly necessary.

Surprisingly, the Roman Senate tried to ban silk on both moral and economic grounds.

Tigers, panthers and horses, paper, spices and jewels, slaves, musical instruments and religions traveled from one end of the known world to the other in the name of commerce and changed history in remarkable ways.

Come explore some of those ways with us as we celebrate Sacred Stone's Baronial Birthday in opulent style. We will learn and teach in classes and competitions of many sorts all the while watching the best of Sacred Stone's populace and talent vie for championship honors.


Fighting Torchlight Archery Shoot, Archery competitions, Heavy list fighting, Equestrian Activities

Arts & Sciences: A&S baronial championship competitions as well as general A&S display and classes

Other Activities to be announced as planning continues.

Feast: A sumptuous feast that travels the cultures of the Spice Road will be created by Lady Gwenllian ferch Gwilim aka Makai for the incredibly reasonable price of only $5 a seat. All seats for feast will be sold on a pre-registered basis only. Dietary concerns should be directed to Lady Makai at _bneca@hotmail.com_ (

Site: Elchenburg Castle, 2239 Center Road, Booneville, NC 27011

Site Restrictions: Don't burn the place down. Restrained, well mannered and supervised pets are allowed. This is a WET site.

Cost: Daytrip or Camping: Adult members $10, Children 6-17 $5, 0-5 Guests of the Barony Adult Non-members add $3 for Non-member Surcharge Fee

Feast: $5 a seat all ages and is available for pre-registration only.

Merchants: Are sincerely invited. Please contact the Event Steward for information.

Event Steward Information: Gisela vom Kreuzbach(Kate Rauhauser-Smith)Event Steward Information: Gisela vom Kre E-mail: _Gisela.vomKreuzbachGisela.vom_

Reservations: Send reservations to autocrat Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Booneville, North Carolina)