First Master at Arms Created in Northshield

On Saturday, April 14, before stepping down, Their Majesties Siegfried II & Gwyneth of Northshield elevated HE Viscount Niklos Aurelius Luctator to the Right Noble Order of the Chivalry with the white baldric of a Master at Arms.

HG Duke Sir Alaric Sartiano von Drachenklaue, who was unable to attend, sent a letter. The white belt of HG Duke Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson of the Livery of Faeringold, to whom Niklos at one point had been squired, was used in the ceremony, wrapped about the hand of His Majesty, who dubbed Niklos three times with the buffet.

Others who spoke on Niklos's behalf included HE Viscountess Anne Geoffreys of Warwick and HE Baron Geoffrey of Warwick. He is the sixth member of the chivalry and the first Master at Arms created in Northshield.

Umm, not quite

The belt used belonged to Sir Angus Ulrich, not HG Osis.


...and although Angus and and Niklos likely would have entered a Knight/Squire relationship it never happened. Sir Angus passed away in 1993.

Throughout his personal history and in the SCA, Niklos has done great service to the memory of Sir Angus by administering well to the people of Northshield as its Prince and by always acting as an example of chivalry and courtesy.

It was a sincere privilege for Gwyneth and I to elevate him to the Ordo Equester.

Thank you also, Your Majesty

Thank you for setting the record straight. regrets the error.

Kind regards,


Oops. Thanks for the correction, Ingus!

I think I should add something here...

I was squired to HG Tarrach Alfson and I consider myself both honored and privileged to have been under the tutulage of this great man. I said it before and I'll say it again: if it wasn't for the influence of Sir Angus, HG Tarrach and my consort Viscountess Aramanthra the Vicious (OL) in my life, I never would have been even considered a prospect for the Order of Chivalry. I owe each of them a great debt.

Viscomes Gauis Niklos Aurelius Luctator, MoASCA