Fun with Weasels

On May 4-6, 2007 The Iron Weasel and Wire Weasel will come back for another year. This year they are joined by their little brother, the Weasel Pup!

Ever wonder what the SCA would do with the Ironman Triathalon? Well this is your answer.

The various Weasel events are 3 part competitions to find the best all around warrior in Heavy Armored Combat (Iron Weasel), Rapier Combat (Wire Weasel), or Youth Boffer (Weasel Pup). Each competitor will compete in a fighting tournament, archery competition and dance competition, ALL in full gear!

This year the competitions will be hosted by the Rasputin Brothers Tavern, a quiet and unassuming establishment near the Aethelmearc border.

For those that are not interested in fighting, we will also have an A&S competition with the theme of "Best Weasel in any Media". Because of a recent bandit raid, the Rasputin Brothers find themselves in need of a new house brewer. Anyone interested in the position should bring samples of their best for the brewing competition (it is IKBG sancted! See A&S page for more). The bandits also destroyed the tavern's sign, so the Rasputins also are holding a competition for the best period tavern sign for their tavern.

On the day of the event, we will be choosing a Gallery of Ladies for all three Weasel competitions for judging the entrants in the various categories.

Come and join us at the Geauga County Fair Grounds in Burton OH on May 4-6, 2007 and meet the famed Weasels of Eastwatch!

Mustela Invicta!

There will be dancing, archery and pick-up fighting all day, youth activities, A&S competition, a wonderful feast and the day will close with charity torchlight tourneys followed by a bardic circle and bon fire. There will be plenty of fun for everyone. This is a wet site and pets are welcome, as long as they are leashed and you clean up after them.

Camping is available at $10 per tent for both Friday and Saturday nights. Bathrooms and showers are available.

For those unfamiliar with the SCA, we are a recreation society specializing in 500-1600 CE. We ask that everyone attending make an attempt at appropriate clothing for that time period; and we will have some loaner garb on site.

Autocrat: Rhydderch ap Morgan

Fun with Weasels will be at:
Geauga County Fair Grounds
14373 North Cheshire
Burton, OH 44021

Burton is located halfway between US Route 422 and US Route 322, east of OH Route 44 on OH Route 87.

The fair grounds are just north of Burton Square on Route 168/700: it called Claridon-Troy Road north of the city, Tavern Road south of the city, and Cheshire St (North or South) as it runs through the city.

Coming in US Route 322? Take US 322 to Claridon-Troy Road, and head south. It will change to North Cheshire St at about the the fair grounsd. The Fair grounds will be on your left just as you enter Burton. The entrance is IMMEDIATELY after Kent State Geauga Campus.

Coming in US Route 422?
Take US 422 to OH Route 700 and head north. 700 will "T" into Tavern Road (Route 168), turn left. Continue north through Burton square, you will exit the square on North Cheshire St, the Fair grounds will be on your right. The entrance is on the farside of the fair grounds.

Coming in OH Route 87?
Take OH 87 to Burton Square, exit on North Cheshire St the Fair grounds will be on your right. The entrance is on the farside of the fair grounds. Location:
Shire of Eastwatch (Burton, Ohio)