May Captaincy

Come join the Barony of Winter's Gate as it celebrates the month of many moons! This May includes two moons, called the Flower Moon and the Blue Moon. The usual Captaincy activities are expected: tourney to select the Captain of the Militia to lead our barony during the Border War Faire, a fabulous potluck feast, the pageantry of our noble courts, and children's activities which will include a stick weaving class, A&S classes will consist of Advanced Kumihimo, Drop Spindle, and Heraldry 101: placement.

There are several competitions: Metal jewelry, the Baron's Whim of woodworking in any mode and the Baroness' Whim of period toys which can be contributed to the baronial children's chest. Additional moon themed contests are period cakes with edible flowers and moons in any mode – additional points awarded for incorporating flowers or the color blue. Please remember that documentation provides extra points in any competition. Please be aware that in order to fit all of this frolicsome fun into two days we will need to keep courts, lists, and tourneys starting on schedule; please plan your arrival accordingly.

Feast is potluck so please bring a dish to share that feeds 8-10 people. The Barony is providing a meat dish to be shared by all. The site is discreetly wet.

Site: Wilderness Pavilion, Pioneer Park. Use the Peger Road entrance by the river. Site opens Saturday at 9:30 am and closes at 10pm Saturday. Sunday the event site opens at 11:00 am and closes at 5pm. Event fees: $7 for adults (+ $3 NMS), $4 for children 12-17, younger children free. For family rate, please contact the autocrat team.

Daithi' Conri' (Zach Sherman) & Greteke in Lille (Grete Mjolsnes Karrick) Location:
Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska)