Known World Mourns Passing of Claude the Frank

Padraig MacEanruig, Master of Arms, has reported the death of Claude the Frank (Claude Wesley Perkins) on June 10, 2003. In a message to the East Kingdom list, Master Padraig writes:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell of the passing of Claude the Frank, senior Squire to Master Feral Von Halstern, best known to many of you as Clyde. He fell victim to a stroke last week and a second one took him from us yesterday.

Clyde was my mundane best friend and the guy that I came into the Society with. He was my sword brother, my squire brother and to many others a surrogate big brother. Claude always there with help, inspiration and straight forward common sense. He was a herald, a marshal, and seneschal for many years. He was also first and foremost a warrior. An unbelted champion of the East many times. He was a line commander in the Northern Army and one of the best glaivesmen to have at your back when things turned ugly.

He will be missed greatly by his beloved long time Lady, Micheala, and our hearts and help go out to her. He will also be missed by his many friends, both in, and outside the Freehold of River Keep, and his many companions at arms who will mourn his passing.

A service of Remembrance will be held Sunday morning at the outdoor camp chapel at Vineland Raids. All are welcome to attend and speak. Please feel free to pass this to any lists you feel appropriate

In Service to my Friend,

Padraig MacEanruig, Master of Arms

Internment will be in Phoenix, AZ. Those wishing to express sympathy may do so to