May Revel

Dust off your pavilions and air out your bedclothes, the camping season is once again upon us. And what better way to start the year off than with Highland Games! So Lads and Lassies, gather around the field and watch as those who are brave enough compete in Scottish wrestling, tug o'war, the axe hold, the weight walk and our own version of caber tossing!

For those who choose not to compete in the more physical part of the games, we'll also have a competition for the best banner, most colorful kilt, best sporran and quick cordials. On Sunday we'll also have two Bear pits, one for the heavy fighters and another for the rapiers. There will be an additional prize for the best death.

Feast on Saturday is potluck with meat provided. Breakfast will be available on Sunday

Food will be by your mundane middle name:

  • A-E Desserts
  • F-J vegetables
  • K-N protein dishes
  • O-T starches (potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • U-Z breads, spreads and cheeses.

Site located at Centennial Park with the fee being $10 per person, $13 for non-members 5 and under free. The standard non-member surcharge of $3 will apply.

Site Opens May 18th at 6pm and closes at 6 on May 20th.

Ciara Bridgit DerAlcan mka Jennifer Jacques and
Caoimheall Dubheasa DerAlcan mka Amanda Waterman Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)