Melees & Mayhem XI

In just over a month, the Shire of Crescent Moon will bring you Melees and Mayhem XI: The Power of Three!

May 18-20, 2007, at Camp Hammond near Topeka, KS.

NEW this year: A FEAST (limited to 30) Thordr has promised Germanic food that will stick to your ribs. Reservations ($8) accepted with the event stewards: Lady Caitlin de Bruis:
Lord Yamashiro Kato:

Questions/dietary concerns may be directed to the feast steward: Lord Thordr Tjorvsson:

Other activities to include:

  • Fighting: Fight 'til you drop! Many melee scenarios are planned for three armies: including village, bridge, broken field, and fort battles. After the melees, if you have any fight left in you, a game of Mayhem!
  • Archery: Many fun and creative three-related shoots from Martin and Lavina.
  • A&S: The "Best Impression" competition on and off the field, and " Three of Anything" single or group competition.

Site is discreetly wet. Location:
Shire of Crescent Moon (Topeka, Kansas)