4th Ynys Fawr Baronial Investiture

The Barony of Ynys Fawr invites one and all to witness the stepping down of our third Baron and Baroness, Arnfinr Akasson and Anna Caterina del Cossa, and the Investiture of our fourth Baron and Baroness, Master Snorri Bloddrekkr or Odinslundi and Lady Stella de Ravenscar.

The weekend will begin with a Potluck lunch & Tournament in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens, not far from the University of Tasmania in Hobart. Later in the day we will adjourn to a Hall for the Investiture Feast and Ceremonies, followed by an evening of revelry, song, dance, or other merriment. The next day will see our traditional Brass Monkey War and other entertainment, held in a tranquil forest glade.

Visitors wishing accommodation in the homes of local SCA folk please contact the Seneschal, Kareina, at kareina@inthe.sca.org

Event Cost:
Tourney: Saturday afternoon with potluck lunch: $2 adults
Feast only: (booked before 6th May) $28 (members), $ 33, (non-members);
War: Sunday with BBQ: $3
Full event: $30 (members), $35(non-members). Children under 12 free.
(Special rates available on application.)
Add $5 to all prices if booked between May 7th and the end of May.
Door price (unbooked) for Feast: $45.
Cheques payable to: SCA Tasmania. Location:
Barony of Ynys Fawr (Hobart, Tasmania)