AEthelmearc Introduces New Website for Chancellors of Youth

On the AEthelmearc listserve, Dame Aoife Finn announced that a new website for children's issues is online.

Dame Aiofe writes:

Greetings everyone.

While I have the list's attention regarding children's issues, I'd like to direct you to the new website for Aethelmearc's Chancellors of Youth (or Chancellor Minor, Youth Minister, whatever you call yours in your own group).

I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to Lady Ennoguent filia Bromina, of the Barony of the Endless Hills, for her hard work, mysterious and incomprehensible (to me) computer skills, countless hours, and continued good humor as I threw file after file at her to upload. Enn, you rock!

Most but not all the links have content at this time. We're still under construction! Meanwhile there is plenty to look at for both children and adults. Mouse-over "Back buttons" are the heraldry provided at the top of each page---Escarbuncle for the Aethelmearc homepage, and the purple and white device is that of the office, and will return you to the main page if you've strayed :). There are the new policies online, links to activity ideas, and links of interest to both kids and parents. Although they do not fall under the office, links to the Youth Fighting and Youth Fencing pages are also provided so that it will be easy to go to one place and see "all things kid-related" in Aethelmearc.



Link to Site broken

I'd love to check this out if anyone could post a correct link.

Link to Site Fixed

The link has been corrected!

It was the unfortunate victim of a server switch, my apologies!

Lord Alaxandair O'Conchobhair System Administrator AEthelmearc .NET

Re: Link to Site broken

I've contacted Dame Aoife to check on the link. Hopefully we will get a new URL and correct the problem soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Site's back up

Things got moved around on the server. It's back to life now.

-Ennoguent filia Bronmael