"A Pocket Full of WRY!" at Potrero War

Come join us at the spring Potrero War, Memorial day weekend (Sunday, May27th, 2007, 7:00 PM till 9:30 PM) Sunday evening, come down to the open ramada, merchant central for "A Pocket Full of WRY!" The Seventh Potrero War Family Bardic Concert!

The concert boasts an incredible line up this year, including:

  • Alys Chauntrey
  • The Black Bard (Rathflaed Du Noir)
  • Andreas Linkshander von Rosenfeld (aka Eben Brooks)
  • The Whiskey Bards
  • Lady Ilora Neunhoff & Master Yonaton
  • Secca the Poet
  • Mathias Hakonen (Court Musician of TRM Edric and Faizeh)
  • Cormac O'Dunne
  • Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea
  • The Gypsy Moon Tribe Dancers and Drummers
  • Thomas Whitehart aka "True Thomas the Storyteller"
  • Sir Charles of Dublin (Penbard of Caid!)
and special guest stars, including you!.

Hosted by Baron Beorn and "True" Thomas Whitehart.

This concert is good for ages 5, and up! Bring a blanket and beverage to share, and flashlight for the way home. We start with content for the younger members, and work our way up as we go. *The family concert will start at the stone tables if necessary.

Then, at10:00pm, till 12:00 PM Sunday night, (at the May Potrero War 2007 ) We will have
"Risque Business"
The 4th Naughty as We Wanna-Be Bawdy concert!

This concert will include maturecontent, and people under 18 will be asked to leave. Sense of Humor Required. Not politically correct. Join us as we grill the sacred cows, and as some of the best bards of the SCA bring out the fun and naughty stuff! The show will be in the Open Ramada, in Merchant Central. Please dress warm, bring a blanket, beverage, and friend to share!

Featuring the Prodigious talents of:

  • The Whiskey Bards (hide the sheep!)
  • Andreas Ebenshander Von Linksenfeld (Eben Brooks)
  • The Black Bard, (and his hat!)
  • Yonaton & "Bard-ilicious" Illora
  • "True" Thomas Whitehart, (Fastest tongue in the west)
  • Eilidh Swann Stralachlan, (the Rambunctious)
  • Cormac O'Dunne (Without cheese!)
  • Oh! Secca the Poet, (Nuancer of the naughty!)
  • Alys Chauntrey (Of the beautiful tresses)
and Special Guests who really should know better!

Your hosts will be Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea, (come and join him for his SCA Silver Anniversary) and "True" Thomas Whitehart.

This year, the concerts will be proudly sponsoring one of our own talented performers in the 3 Day Breast-Cancer Walk-a-thon, our very own Eben Brooks (Andreas Von Linkshander Rosenfeld) (for more info, contact him at ebenbrooks@ebenbrooks.com)

Additional Information:
The Bardic "Showcase" Concerts were created by a hardworking group of volunteers, many of whom happen to be performers themselves! We are very pleased to announce that Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea, has joined our production team, and is coordinating the Bawdy Concert at this Potrero. THL Thomas Whitehart will be stepping down as concerts coordinator for a much needed rest, but he will still be performing, and offering advice to those who want put on more concerts.

The History:
Started at the Potrero war, back in 2001 as a campfire event, our concerts have grown to have audiences of over600+. As of Potrero 2007, we will have had over 16 concerts, and had over 3,500 audience members, 60+ hours of entertainment, and 70 plus performers have graced our stages. As of Estrella, our audience reached 600! The original concept was created by Thomas Whitehart, Rathflaed Du Noir, and Master Yonaton.

The Goal:
Our goal is to provide a safe central place, where the maximum amount of people can see the maximum amount of talent. We believe that the SCA bardic arts, help keep the spirit and community of the SCA alive and vibrant. We try to put a wide variety of entertainment up, for all ages, and try keep the "friendly-campfire" feeling, regardless of the size of our audience.

The Talent:
All performers and volunteers work for free, although we do provide a place whereartists can sell their cd's to defray costs. We encourage all the performing arts. We do our best to make our performers feel appreciated, and thank them for all they share. We have had performers come from all over the knowne world, and some of the best and brightest have wowed our audiences! We also invite newer bards to join us to experience performing for larger audiences.

The Volunteers:
None of these concerts would be possible without the help of our Line Producers (Colum O'Neil in Aten) and (Lord Magnus in Calafia), and the support of the Kingdoms, Baronies, Households, and War Staffs. Our volunteer staff positions include producers, line producers, stage coordinators, stage hands, sound persons, lighting, publicity, craft services, graphic artists, roadies and much more. All of the space, equipment, time and energy, has been donated by people, and war councils,who love the arts, and allow us to shine.

The Venue:
Currently, we've had our concerts in the Grand Court Pavilion at Estrella, and the Open Ramada at Potrero. We have seating, and have a small sound system, lighting, and a "green-room" or green table for our artists. Our concerts happen on Sundays, to add a "grace-note" to the war. We work hard to have a safe and friendly environment.

The Shows:
Our family shows start with material for the younger folks, and then open into more general material. Since these are showcases, we try to keep the tempo fairly high-energy, and do a mix of fun, period and SCA Modern material. The bawdy shows are irreverent, a-political, and risqu� A chance for the SCA audience to "let their collective hair down". Our goal is to add yet another bardic venue, as an addition to bardic circles,competitions, and we fully support them as well.

The Future:
At Estrella, the Open Arms Bardic hall has been very well received, as have the Concerts. We are hoping that other concerts and Bardic venues will open up at all SCA events.

For more information on these concerts, please contact; Lord Thomas Whitehart, aka "True Thomas the Storyteller" truethomas(at)sbcglobal.net. www.truethomas.com Or Baron Beorn of NorthernSea beornbardic@gmail.com

For more information on Open Arms Bardic Hall, please contact; Lady Belasset de Casal Drago email: tuqute@pacbell.net