WMA Camp

As the grand finale of the SSG studygroup Riga semester we arrange a three day Fiore weekend in the marvelous Latvian countryside. It will be a retreat with good food, fantastic teaching held by Colin Hatcher and lots of fun filled fellowship.

On the 13-15th of July Schola Saint George Riga Study group are hosting a three day Fiore weekend led by Gilbert Deschampes (Colin Hatcher) from the honorable West Kingdom. Gilbert is a fighter schooled in the Bellatrix school, a Senior instructor in Schola Saint George and a martial arts instructor for 19 years.

We will also open up the doors for the rest of the Latvian and Swedish WMA community to join in. So that we can exchange experiences and learn from the cultural exchange. The weekend will start Thursday evening with a bussride to our scenic location out in the beautiful countryside of Latvia. After a nightsnack, fellowship and a nights sleep in our tent camp we will start Friday morning with Fiores unarmed system, progressing through the dagger section and into the longswords on the Saturday. The evenings will hold food, fellowship and lectures on chivalry as well as Prize playing for the students (membership in Schola Saint George required for getting an SSG rank.

The event will finish of with teaching on sparring/tournament fighting and a longsword tournament with great prizes.

Practical information
The camp will cost €50 for anyone not currently in our SSG - Riga study group or enrolled to our WSD courses. As sleeping will be arranged in large military tents (you may of course bring your own tent.) you will need to bring something to sleep on (air mattress or equivalent), a sleeping bag, clothes to train in, clothes for the evenings (medieval clothes are optional but appreciated) and a sword simulator.

The sword simulator can be rebate steel, aluminum waster, wooden waster, Shinai with crossguards or anything else that you normally train with. (Here in Riga we have been using bloomstick handles with crossguards duck taped to them). It is prefered that you bring a matched pair if you have it. The tournament will be fought with wooden wasters or shinai simulators.

The bus will leave on Thursday evening from Riga (Bruninieku iela 10a) Exact time will be decide closer to the date but will most probably be between 18:00 and 20:00 We will be back in Riga Sunday evening. For those who wish so there will be a celebration dinner at a medieval restaurant in central Riga (not included in the weekend).

It is possible for international guests to be allocated crash space for Sunday night.

http://warcry.olterman.se/new/2007/04/01/wma-camp/ Location:
Schola Saint George (Riga, Latvia)