"For Those Who Face the Flooding" available for order online

Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville reports that the compact disc For Those who Face the Flooding created to aid victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, is available to order for US$11.50.

Tatiana writes:

Please contact Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville if you would like to purchase a CD (they are $10, shipping would be an additional $1.50). She can be reached at tatianam@ameritech.net. Information and updates on this project can be found by clicking on "original article."

CD: For Those who Face the Flooding

Late August of 2005: Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

What happened next is etched indelibly in the hearts and minds of an entire world.

For Those Who Face the Flooding was recorded at Rosehall Studio over one weekend immediately after the tragedy, by several friends who--along with everyone else--watched in helpless horror and wished there was some way they could help.

With the intent of raising funds for Gulf Coast members of The Society For Creative Anachronism--a nonprofit medieval educational society to which they all belong--Arthur Slaughter (THL Finnr Bjornsson), June Zenner-Tyrrell (Lady Aelfraeda of Shattered Oak) and Karen Kahan (Mistress Wyndreth Berginsdottir) recorded six tracks of storytelling and song as “Ragnar the Revolting,” “Twa Corbies,” and “Wyndreth Berginsdottir.”

An unfortunate series of events prevented the release of the resulting CD.

Until now.

Art, June and Karen are proud to present their work at last as part of "From Northshield--A Benefit For Our Friends.” All profits from this recording will be donated to the benefit fund.

PLAYLIST (25.55 minutes):

  1. “For Those Who Face the Flooding” (Rerecorded: 2005) Wyndreth Berginsdottir (Karen Kahan)
  2. “Agincourt Carol” (Rerecorded: 2005) Twa Corbies (June Zenner-Tyrrell and Karen Kahan)
  3. “Ragnar and the Troll” (First recorded: 2005) Ragnar the Revolting (Arthur Slaughter)
  4. “Hineh Ma Tov” (Rerecorded: 2005) Twa Corbies (June Zenner-Tyrrell and Karen Kahan)
  5. “Song of the Einherjar” (First recorded: 2005) Wyndreth Berginsdottir (Karen Kahan)
  6. “Winter’s Night" (First recorded: 2005) Ragnar the Revolting (Arthur Slaughter)