Mapping the Middle Ages

Keith Lilley, Chris Lloyd and Steve Trick of Queen's University Belfast have provided a digital resource for maps of villages and townships in the Middle Ages.

Mapping Medieval Townscapes: a digital atlas of the new towns of Edward I focuses on "a group of ‘new towns’ situated in Wales and England and established in the reign of King Edward I."

From the website:

"The project’s aims were to: firstly, characterise the urban forms of Edward’s new towns; secondly, establish their original layout and design; thirdly identify common aspects of their design; fourthly, examine the agents and the decision-making processes involved in their formation. The project also had as one of its main aims the creation of an interactive, digital historic towns atlas made available to a broad audience to disseminate awareness and knowledge of medieval towns in general, and stimulate interest in Edward I’s new towns in particular."