Bidding ends for eBay's 12th Century Italian manuscript

A 12th century Cistercian missal was offered recently for auction on eBay. The final price: US$49,900.00.

From the description:

"In Good Antiquarian condition, in one quarter deep chestnut calf, double-ruled in blind, over modern European Pearwood boards, carved in the Gothic Revival style, the front board diapered in lozenges, alternatingly carved in bas relief with fleurs des lis and cruces bottony, the back board divided vertically into two reverse-arched compartments, the upper carved with the Cross Bottony, and the lower with the fleur de lis, inset with the initial M; sewn on five cords, the spine raised on five corresponding bands, in six compartments, undecorated; modern (circa 1750) headcap and footcap; 26 lines, in Latin, in double columns, in a fine but rather peculiarly compressed Gothica Insularis, with the Rubical Directions in a smaller and finer upright Vernacular hand, with mark├ęd Carolingian overtones, on heavy vellum, the leaves blindruled, decorated with 484 large Lombardic initial capitals, alternating in red and green, with contrasting penwork; sentential capitals and stops struck in red; lines of each directore and response supplied in red; a few leaves somewhat rubbed; four leaves trimmed short at the lower blank margins, not affecting text; initial folio somewhat dusty, with the Prologus faded, and showing a few ancient wax stains, along with the usual various signs of use present in any manuscript nearing the end of a millennium. While the decorative style is decidedly eleventh century, and not dissimilar to the Plimpton Florilegium (Plimpton MS 130) the text of the manuscript shows it to be anachronistic in comparison with its initial capitals, clearly dating it to the latter half of the twelfth century. Withal, a strikingly beautiful - and relatively complete - early Medieval manuscript, in rather good order, in modern boards which are not in the least displeasing."

Photos of the manuscript are available online.