Using a table format to run a list

Lord Yves de Fortanier has posted an article on the website The Rotunda detailing the Table Method for running tournament lists.

According to Aine ingen MaelPatraic of Northshield, "I highly recommend that anyone considering running lists regularly learn this style. It allows for far greater flexibility than any tree." The site includes extensive examples of how the lists should work.

Undue manipulation

Yves here. I recently received a message that contained this:
`` As we run lists [here], the intention is to make sure that all fights are assigned randomly - that fights are not assigned by a person, as this allows that person the ability to manipulate the tournament. For example, if I know that fighter X is inexperienced against Polearms and I am choosing whether fighter X should fight fighter Y (who uses Polearm) or fighter Z (who uses sword and shield) - regardless of which decision I make I am manipulating the tournament in some way, either for fighter X's benefit or to their detriment.

In your format, "picking which fighters to have face each other again is just one of those command decisions that you get to make. Marshals who know the fighters involved may be able to advise you to make a good choice." While this may not be a problem in some cases, it does have the potential to lead to undue manipulation of the tournament. ``

Their solution: Fighters compete to get into a double-elimination list with a multiple of eight so that there are no bye fights.

Presented for your edification,

Yves de Fortanier