Ysabella, Prinzessin von dem Mists, reports on Coronet

Ysabella, Princess of the Principality of the Mists in the West Kingdom, reports on the recent Principality Coronet.

Princess Ysabella writes:

What a magical and wondrous weekend!

His Highness had to work on Friday so I went into the site early to meet up with My Captain of the Guard, Ayre. I had the big Bellatrix pavilion and we planned to try and get it up before Mdme Ghislane got there with the Mists Royal Pavilion, plus Our personal pavilion.

The site was lovely! Sir Leotulf was there with Geoffrey Scott and Shaeghdha Cameron and they were... well the site had been mowed but the grass has not been picked up and they were picking it up themselves, bagging it and carrying it away! A football field full of mown grass (these guys deserved an award or something!)

We got started on the pavilions as people slowly rolled in. Duchess Megan had the Lists pavilion and Mistress Ellis and I helped her set it up (with someone else who's name is escaping me).

The list field slowly became flanked by pavilions and banners fluttering. There were wild turkeys in droves on the golf course next to us and we watched the men wading thru gobbling indignant turkeys with much bemusement.

My HoC, Mistress Eireannach came by to talk about the Hafla and we started puttering around putting up tables and setting out linens. His Highness got to the site and hooked up the kegerator with Red Branch black cherry cyzer and their new honey beer. Baccus showed up with the Spartan propane torches and those got set up along with the fire pit and rugs.

I made b'stilla and lamb meatballs with minted yogurt sauce and Lady Chani and Lady Aminah brougth baklava and fruit and hummus. It was quite a spread!

It was amusing to have everyone rolling in on Friday night and putting up their pavilions as fast as they could so they could get out to the Hafla and dance or socialize! My own mentor/teacher, Lady Kamilla got to site and came over to dance with us, she is an amazing artist and teacher of Middle Eastern dance. We had a new person to the area (named William) join Chani, Aminah, Eireannach, another William and Alixia in the drum circle while we all danced around the fire. The drumming was great!

His Highness and I toddled off to bed around midnight to the sound of drums and people hammering in stakes and the turkey's gobbling.

In the morning I got to put on my new dress that Mistress Ascelin and her students (Gianetta and Katherine) made for me. It was really beautiful and very comfortable. His Highness and I went to go perch ourselves in the Mists Royal pavilion as His Highness has requested that anyone fighting in the list was to speak to him before entering the list so We wanted to be easy to find.

A long line of fine and honorable men and women stood before Us and made their intentions known. 40 Champions in the list, a Duke and a Count and many Viscounts... 9 members of the Chivalry peerage all together. A fine list on a beautiful day with a light breeze and blue skies.

Lady Awrabella brought beautiful blue and white flower bouquets for the Sat. night Royal feast and they sat to the side of the Mists Royal pavilion in the shade looking lovely and cheerful, much like Lady Awrabella herself, who was next door with Duchess Megan and Ellis working the list.

We had many youths come introduce themselves, little Dillan, Lacy, Cheyanne and Morgan, Sir John Theophilus' students who were visiting. I encouraged them to seek out Duchess Megan to volunteer as List Pages. We had so many wonderful and helpful people participate that Her Grace could double them up sometimes for training! (three cheers for the list page volunteers of the Mists!)

Invocation was lovely; many fine champions spoke of their inspiration. Love, friendship, beauty, honor, commitment, these things and many more were inspiring our future Heirs. One of these fine champions, one His Highness met in the Coronet He was victorious in My honor, came and bowed deeply and spoke of his household and of a matter at that Coronet that they was given no small measure of grief about. We knew at the time that for religious reasons their household had at one time decided to forgo certain customs, so We understood. But at this Coronet he spoke moving words of his commitment to the Principality and of his desire to one day wear the Coronet of the Mists and be someone they could all be proud to call Prince. He's gone to quarter or semi finals in at least two Coronet Lists and is a strong and honorable Champion, it was with great gladness in My heart that I saw Alexander fight in Our Coronet list this day.

The fighting... well, it was glorious and much word fame was earned on the field of honor. I stood with Lady Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk and watched her Lord, Martin of Rivenstar battle in the semi-finals with Sigifrith (the husband of my beloved belly dancing teacher, Kamilla). It was very exciting!!!! Her Highness Juliana was kind enough to help me pass out roses when an unavoidable meeting happened in the latter part of the tournament. Lady Elena Edgar put together a spectacular meet and greet nosh/nibblies area that was very well received by the populace!

I realized when the fight was over and Sigifrith was victorious that Kamilla was no where to be seen. I suspected that she was taking a nap with their young son, Zoom and unless someone roused her, she might miss the finals altogether! His Majesty and friends went to rouse her.

The men came to the field and I urged Lady Muriel to join Lady Kamilla and I to watch the final bouts. I held their hands and the men fought. First Leon won one, then there was a pause, then Sigifrith won one, then Leon. Sir Leon von Schrecken was the victor for his lady wife, Muriel NiCord! Viscoutness Rosewitha brought out the beautiful victors wreaths that she has handcrafted for the Principality these many years so Sir Leon could crown his love Lady of the Mists.

The royal feast was lovely! Lady Eddy (the wooden spoon minister for the West) and her staff made a lovely feast that was piping hot and very timely AND delicious! We feasted and then went out to the open field to light the torches again and socialize in the warm summer night.

On Sunday there was a lively boffer tournament (I think His Highness came in third place) which was won by Her Royal Highness Kaaren's niece Lacy! We thanked everyone for their time and service. The lovely young man who was constable for the event (who's name is escaping me) worked all day! He was amazing and his efforts were greatly appreciated. Sir Leotulf did a spectacular job as autocrat of the event and really everyone involved in making the event so wonderful is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to Our Heirs, Leon and Muriel, Lord and Lady of the Mists. I hope Your Excellencies enjoy the elation and honor that We did serving the Mists as Prince and Princess.

In Service to the Mists,
Ysabella, Prinzessin von dem Mists

In a slight correction posted to the West Kingdom list, Sir Leon, Lord of the Mists writes:

A slight correction. Sigifrith won the first fight. A really beautiful wrap that hit me on my new body armor, and took a second to realize that "whoops, that was good" I had to ask him to stop trying to kill me, 'cause he already had. I won fights two and three.