SCA honored by Ed Levin park system

Master Duncan Vitrarius, Seneschal, Principality of the Mists, reports that his group has been honored by the Santa Clata Regional Parks Department as the 2006 volunteer group of the year.

Master Duncan writes:

Last night was a good night for the SCA, and well worth the drive. The Santa Clara County Regional Parks Department honored our group with a very nice award; we are the 2006 volunteer group of the year. I’m not sure what we are going to do with the plaque they presented to us, but I do know that it will be on display at the M/C War, and at Mists Spring Investiture. This was a group effort, and everyone who has come out to Ed Levin Park to participate in the work crews throughout the year deserves a big thank you. It is because of their labors that we are able to camp at Ed Levin Park, and enjoy much lower site fees. I would also like to personally thank all of those folks that have helped to make this work, both in the Parks Department and the SCA, you guys rock!

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Master Duncan Vitrarius, OP
Seneschal, Principality of the Mists >/blockquote>