The Girls' Club: A Forum for female heavy fighters in the SCA

Robyn of Rye reports that she has started a discussion forum for "all those stick-swingin' women out there!" Entitled thegirlsclub, it is "a forum for female heavy fighters in the SCA."

Robyn of Rye writes:

This is something that really is important to me. I started a new project: a message board for fighting women. Recently I got some mails about specific girl questions, or I hot asked at events about stuff etc. I also didn't find a forum in the internet that really, really satisfied me this way. I found mailinglists that were either pretty cold, especially to new members, or overcrowded, so a lot of questions stayed without answers. And on most of the “normal” SCA boards there is mostly guys hanging out- and there are some questions that you maybe want to be answered by a woman- that maybe already was in the same situation and can help you out.

I want to build a warm, nice forum where women can meet, and I hope you girls give me a chance and join me. I want experienced women to come over and help, as well as newbies that should get the best support we can offer. I want women also to be able and dare to post their doubts and to get support in their bad moments. Every female is invited to come by, also if she doesn't fight.

This project is just starting. There is things that maybe change and get improved. So if you have any suggestions for me, or wishes, please tell me. And please have some patience and swing by frequently. It will take some time till the forum really starts running, and in the beginning we need to find some nice topics to talk about. I would be glad if you want to help me with this.

Guys are welcome to come too, and maybe help if they think they can, especially if they have some experience/are specialized in training women. But please always bear in mind that this is a women's forum, and I really would like to see that most of the chit-chat happens because we help out each other. There will be sections that are only accessible to the women, I hope you understand this.

Thanks very much. This is really a project that comes from heart. I hope so much it will start off well.

Robyn of Rye

PS Visit the site by clicking on "original article."

PPS: please spread the word about it wherever you can, and also invite people that are not on this list. Thank you!