Battle of the Heart

The Shire of Harplestane is proud to invite you all to attend our newest event, the Battle of the Heart.

Event Location:
Nineacres Memorial Campsite
Crook of Devon

"Taking from his neck the silver casket which contained the heart of Bruce, Sir James Douglas threw it before him among the enemy, saying, "Now pass thou onward before us, as thou wert wont, and I will follow thee or die. Douglas, and almost all of the men who fought by his side, were here slain. His body and the casket containing the embalmed heart of Bruce were found together upon the field."

The Battle of the Heart is a four day camping event being held at a site approximately one hour north of Edinburgh. Site opens at 15:00 04/07/07 and will close at 17:00 08/07/07

Directions to campsite:
From the M90 (northbound) take junction 6 for the A977 (Kinross to Kincardine Road). At the east end of the village (Crook of Devon), turn north on to the side road (signposted fish farm and school) and follow until reaching a crossroads. Take the left turn and follow the track to the campsite. Good online maps of the area can be found at:

Cost: 20, or 10 per day

Activities: Four days of Armoured Combat and Archery, for other activities please contact the Autocrat.

Facilities: Toilets and running water, campfire and very limited cooking facilities (one woodburning stove). No food is provided and it is recommended that you bring your own cooking equipment. No electricity on site.

Event autocrat and MiC:
Drew Youngson AKA Thorfinn Sigurdsson

Please note: due to the insurance parameters of the campsite you must register your full legal name, and the names of any travelling/attending the event with you, no less that 3 days before the event, even if you just wish to come for the day. People turning up without forewarning on the day may have to be asked to leave.

Local Amenities:
Village shop is open 6am to 6pm (within walking distance)
Safeway at Kinross
Petrol station in village
The Inn (Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5pm - 11.30pm, Sun: 12.30 - 12pm) Location:
Shire of Harplestane (Crook of Devon, Scotland)