Art Institute of Chicago offers Islamic ceramics exhibit

From March 31 until October 28, 2007, the Art Institute of Chicago will present Perpetual Glory: Medieval Islamic Ceramics from the Harvey B. Plotnick Collection, a collection of medieval Islamic ceramics dating from the 9th-15th centuries.

The 100 objects are part of a collection that is "generally regarded as the finest private collection of early Islamic ceramics in the world."

From the webssite:

The exhibition closely examines the most important types of ceramics produced in Iraq and Iran during this time—lusterware, slip-painted ceramics, underglaze-painted wares, and an overglaze-painted ware most commonly known as mina’i—and features these objects with a number of contextual examples from Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and central Asia.

Admittance to the Institute is $12 for adults, $7 for children 12 and up, students and senior citizens. Children under 12 are admitted free.

For hours and directions, visit the website.