Spring Offensive

O, how tacky can you get? Selviergard's annual springtime ritual is back! The site this year is between a cemetery and a farm... so we can wake the dead just so long as we don't rattle the cattle!

Three – count `em – Three Offensive Contests! –Awards will be given for the most offensive garb, (PG-13, please) Hat and Shakespearean- style Insult (must be done from memory!) Here's your chance to use that purple boa or that gosh awful psychedelic fabric that's been hiding in the bottom of your closet for years or that weird topper Aunt Marge knitted when you were 12.

Truly Tacky Tourneys – Heavy and Rapier - devised by those fiends Georg and Alaryn. A Baronial fundraiser – Teams will bid on their favorite fighter who they will "dress", after armor inspection, in whatever theme they wish (bring your own!). The only rule is that it must not hinder their movement or sight, anything else goes! And Rapier fighters - word has it that the Offensive Cup is back for the taking!

Then the Junk Garb Wars – Three teams will receive one roll of duct tape and a bundle of the craziest eye-poppingest fabrics imaginable. Participants will have one hour to "dress" their live model.

Feast is Potluck - Stew and bread will be provided. Bring a dish that will serve 8-10 people by birth month: January to April – veggies; May to August – desserts; September to December – side dish.

Site info: Bodenberg Baptist Church, Mile 12.5 Old Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK. Site is open 10 am to 10 pm. Site fee: $20.00 for families, $5.00 children ages 4 - 12, members $8.00, non-members $11. Site is DRY.

Directions: From Anchorage or Wasilla: follow the New Glenn Hwy to Palmer. Turn right on W. Arctic Avenue (Old Glenn Hwy/Palmer Alternate) (at the Tesoro station on the North end of town) continue on for 5 miles. Bodenberg Baptist Church is on the right just past the Valley Memorial Cemetery.

Autocrat: Helen of Avebury aboundingjoy@gci.net Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Palmer, Alaska)