Sword Maiden news headlines now offered on SCAtoday.net

News headlines from Sword Maiden, a web site devoted to the needs of female warriors, are now available as an optional feature for SCAtoday.net registered users.

Registered users on SCAtoday.net can set their personal preferences to show Sword Maiden's headlines on a customized version of our page. Go to My Account and select the "edit" tab. Scroll down to the list of optional blocks, and you will find Sword Maiden listed. Just check the box and save changes, and whenever you are logged into SCAtoday.net you will see their news headlines near the bottom-right corner of our page.

We've also added a more generic "Martial Activities" category that includes Sword Maiden and other martial-oriented news feeds. The instructions for enabling this are analogous to those for Sword Maiden's block.

We hope our readers will enjoy these new personal preference options!