Border Raids A&S Faire Rules Posted

Lady Genevieve D'Valois has forwarded the rules for the A&S competition at the upcoming Border Raids to be held June 27-29, 2003 in Ft. Knox, KY. Greetings to the Midrealm!

I would ask that you forward this information to any and all members of the Middle Kingdom you can and to whatever list-serves to which you have access. If you have any questions regarding the rules or the running of the A&S Competition, please email them to me at If you have questions about the event in general, you will be pleased to know that the event flyer has now been posted on-line on the Meridies website.

I hope this information is helpful to all who are interested. I look forward to meeting many of our dear Middle Kingdom neighbors at Border Raids this year.

Your in Service,

Lady Genevieve D'Valois
(MKA-Valerie Renfro)

Shire of Vulpine Reach,
Kingdom of Meridies

------------------------------------------------------- Rules for the Border Raids A&S Faire June 2003

1.The Competition will be held on the Saturday of the event. Entries will be accepted until 9:30am, judging will be from 10am -3pm.

2.Each entrant shall be allowed a maximum of two entries per category.

3.Written documentation must be provided for all entries at the minimum level required by each kingdom.

4.Absentee entries will be accepted as long as a guardian is present to take care of the entry.

5.Entries must not have been previously shown at a Border Raids.

6.Entrant must declare their entry for the kingdom of their choice at registration.

7.Any member of the populace in attendance can judge entries. To vote, you will be given a bead to place at the entry of your choice.

8.Because we appreciate the input of our Laurels and acknowledge their achievements as masters of the arts, Laurel's will be given 3 beads of a different color than the populace. Each Laurel bead will count as 2 beads. In return we ask that Laurels complete comment forms, as a learning opportunity for the entrants.

9.Bead Counts will be taken several times throughout the competition and the beads then removed so as to keep the judging more equal.

10.The entrant with the highest bead count will win the popular acclaim, for which a scroll will be awarded in Court.

11.The war point will be awarded to the kingdom that has acquired the greater bead count.

12.The Royalty are encouraged to choose their personal favorite entry and offer a personal acclaim in Court.