Class Act Fabrics (a.k.a. Dragon's Magic)

Class Act Fabrics, also known as Dragon’s Magic at the Pennsic War, provides high quality modern couture fabrics, which are selected for period-appropriate use in medieval and renaissance costuming.

Dragon’s Magic has offered fine linens, wools, and silks at the Pennsic War for over 18 years. Class Act Fabrics has these and more fabrics and costuming supplies at its brick-and-mortar store and website.

Corset stays, also called bones, are available at both Dragon’s Magic and Class Act Fabrics. These stays are white coated, flat steel in ¼” (6mm) and ½” (12.5mm) widths, and are sold by the piece, the dozen or the gross. The ½” (12.5mm) boning is also available in 12 yard (11m) coils for use in hoop skirts.

They also carry Swedish linen embroidery floss and several sizes of English-made glovers' needles and sail-makers' needles.


This will be the 25th year that I, Mistress Maria Pienkneplotno, will be selling glorious wool, silk and linens at the Pennsic War. 

It will also be the last year for me as Dragon's Magic (in the brown Slavic house on wheels). I'm selling out my fabrics and retiring.  I will be having sales all Pennsic and hope to not have to take any fabric home. 

I will also put my Slavic House on Wheels up for sale.

You may contact my broker (Century 1099 agent Denys the Decadant) if you are interested.

I'm selling out because I realized that I can't keep up a fabric store and go back to get my masters degree at the same time. Twenty-five years is a good run for a fabric store and I'll put the next 25 into Art Therapy.

My website, is dreadfully out of date...some fabric is still available and there are many others I never got put up. sigh.

I hope to see you at War!

Maria P.   Polish fabric merchant